Corryong Country Inn

& Riley's Restaurant
History Riley's Restaurant located at the Corryong Country Inn occupies one of the oldest buildings in Corryong.   Originally two shops, it was built in 1890 by Arnold Playle, a watchmaker from Yackandandah. Arnold occupied the shop to  the east whilst his brother Walter, a saddler, worked next door. From 1894 it also housed Corryong's first pharmacist, Mr  Denby. By the 1930's business activity in Corryong had drifted one block to the west and the building became a domestic residence  for nearly forty years. It was here that Bernard Spillsbury, the first Corryong man to enlist in WWII, farewelled his young  family for the last time as he left to give his life for his country.   Corryong's regional library was located here in 1958, followed by more residential tenants as the building slowly fell into  disrepair.   In the early 1970's the Op-Shop committee moved in and operated successfully for the next decade. A fire, which partially  gutted the building, brought their occupancy to a premature end.   Restoration work began in the 1980's when substantial improvements were made, however the original brickwork was  retained, as were the Baltic pine ceilings you will see above you. These are fixed to sturdy blue gum rafters. For the  technically minded, the double brick outer walls, without cavity, rest on foundations of packed rubble with every third brick  laid side on. This is a style known as Colonial bond.   More than a century on, the old watchmaker would be proud of his building; restored, modernised and housing Corryong's  premier restaurant.  
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